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Since 1969 I have been involved in the print/publication industry, from running a small printing press to layout and design.  Living in North East Ohio puts me in the territory of the Old Order Amish. I have worked with them for the past 8 years illustrating furniture, deer etc. Creating catalogs, brochures and banners. You can see some of that work here. I have done art and design for ministries, wellness center, and other businesses. The Amish work is interesting because they are in some cases not permitted to use photographs, but are permitted to use hand illustrated drawings. We lived in Harrisonburg, VA for a number of years in which I worked as a free lance artist for 4 years for Christian Light Publications illustrating children's stories and a book "A Tree Is Special".


Through a series of events I met a lady from the Cleveland, Ohio area that asked me if I had ever heard of Zentangle. I replied,  'No", I had never heard of it. That was March of 2013. I went home that evening and researched Zentangle on the Internet. I was awe struck by the beauty of some of the zentangle art and was very impressed by the philosophy behind Zentangle - and that the founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas want to make a way for those that feel they are not artistically gifted to be able to produce beautiful abstract artwork.


Taking some Zentangle classes from a CZT, from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I was hopelessly addicted by then and decided to pursue becoming a certified teacher, but classes were completely full for the year. My patience paid off as I was contacted about an opening at the October CZT 12 Seminar and I jumped at the opportunity. My husband and I made the trip to New England.  It was a blessing to meet Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in person, meet their lovely family and sit under their instruction for a glorious 4 days. The seminar is held in Providence, Rhode Island at the Hotel Providence. There were 107 in attendance and they were from all over the globe. Holland, England, Australia, Thailand (an entire family), many from Canada to name a few countries.


I am excited about sharing my passion for Zentangle with you!




Blessings! Terrie Martin




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